Pumpkin Panic

Pumpkin Panic
Embark on a thrilling and exciting spooky adventure with challenging puzzles and beautiful graphics in Pumpkin Panic. The action, strategy, and spooky good time that this game provides are all its own. The more time spent in Pumpkin Panic's universe, the more obstacles, puzzles, and eerie revelations the player will face. Enjoy!

How To Play

Players have a wide variety of options in the game's several modes. The hero of the story is on a mission to save his companion from the evil pumpkin king, who has kidnapped him. There are a number of difficult puzzles and complex problems that must be solved in order to advance. Players will explore bizarre environments, come across dangerous monsters, and find mystical artifacts to aid them on their journey. To aid them in their fight against the pumpkin-headed adversaries and other perils they may face, players can amass a wide array of special spells, weapons, and gadgets. Players will be astounded by the graphic quality and detail used to depict the eerie pumpkin patch. The game's ambience, from the starry evenings to the spooky fog, draws players into its universe.


  • WASD to move
  • F to plant crops
  • SPACE to water plants
  • SHIFT to sprint
  • R to use lantern
  • TAB to hide bar

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