FoodHead Fighters

FoodHead Fighters

FoodHead Fighters invites you to join a fight between foods equipped with special weapons. In this food battlefield, you will transform into one of the powerful warriors, such as Captain Cupcake, Avocado Avenger, or Sir Spaghetti, with unique skills. These eccentric warriors represent colorful dishes with unique weapons and outfits according to the kitchen theme. Unleash powerful fighting attacks against other characters on the streets. Use weapons to deal the most powerful blows to other opponents and improve your fighting skills.

How To Play

The main goal is to overcome each opponent, as success grants a series of rewards that enhance your fighting abilities. Choose one of the game's characters and control their movements to fight against other characters on the streets. Accumulate these rewards strategically to enhance your skills or even enjoy purchasing stylish new skins for your chosen character. A dynamic reward system not only incentivizes your wins but also provides the means to customize and personalize your in-game avatar, adding excitement to your journey. Pass each level, and you can increase the difficulty of the game. Each new player has unique skills, but the levels are also much more dangerous.


  • Use WASD or the keyboard arrows to move your character.
  • Press SPACEBAR to make your character jump.
  • Z : Hit
  • X : Take it
  • C: Kick
  • V: Protect yourself

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