Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Help the bird fly through the pipes and achieve the highest score record in Flappy Bird. A once-legendary game that many fans loved. The game is very simple; players just need to touch the screen to make the bird flap its wings and fly through different high and low pipes. However, maintaining a suitable flight speed and quick control in the face of obstacles in front of you is not easy. Let's get started and see what your score record is.

How To Play

Are you confident in your patience and agile control skills? Let's check it out in the Flappy Bird game this time. Your task is just to touch the screen or click the mouse to help the bird flap its wings and fly on the platform. Help the bird fly as far as possible by overcoming obstacles made up of pipes scattered along the way. The difficulty of the game is that you have to control your reflexes quickly because the pipes have different high and low lengths. Your visibility is not far, so be careful when flying high and encountering a tall pipe right in front of you. Don't let the bird collide with any pipes; otherwise, the bird will fall down, and you will have to start the game again from the beginning. To master this game and go far, you need many hours of practice, getting used to the controls, the necessary skills, and perseverance. Set your new best friend record and share it with your friends.

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