Flaying Man 3D

Flaying Man 3D

Flaying Man 3D lets you perform the craziest actions to destroy AI invaders. Take on the mission of a neon hero with superpowers. Get on the bow and attach your body to throw yourself as high as possible and increase your numbers quickly to destroy and prevent a future robot war. Aim carefully for the highest flight that can reach the people multiplying numbers overhead. Can you complete this world-saving mission?

How To Play

Are you ready for the fight against this AI invader? Invading enemies in large numbers are waiting for you on the other side of the circle. Show off the extraordinary strength of a superhero. Put your body on the bow and fly as high and far as possible. Aim for the extra circles in the sky; they will help you increase the number of heroes in your army. Try to raise as many people as possible; the higher your winning rate, the better. When you land, your army will fight the enemy team in a circle. Experience the feeling of flying high in the sky with beautiful graphics that will make the gaming experience more interesting. How many world rescue levels can you complete?

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