Fall Boys Ultimate Knockout

Fall Boys Ultimate Knockout

Become the last survivor in Fall Boys Ultimate Knockout Arena. You and other players compete in the same arena. Try to grab another player's shoulder and throw them over the edge. Run and quickly grab them before they do it to you. Don't let it be you who gets thrown off the platform. Throw as many people as you can to develop your tall body. How many games can you win?

How To Play

Are you ready for an exciting challenge in the Fall Boys Ultimate Knockout? This is an interesting, funny, and entertaining game that allows you to compete on many different platforms. You and other players are participating in a competition to see who is the last survivor. Your task is to run, get close to other players, and grab them, throwing them off the platform. With each person you successfully throw off the playing field, your body size will grow. That means your strength will also increase, making it easier for you to attack and throw others. Pay attention and quickly snap at others before they do it to you. If you are picked up by them, hold the screen and struggle; they will drop you. Don't let yourself get thrown off the platform. Be the last survivor on each competition platform. Have fun!

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