Sausage Survival Master

Sausage Survival Master

Can you survive for just 30 seconds in the series of challenges that Sausage Survival Master brings? Be prepared with spirit, ingenuity, and a strategic mindset to overcome random mini-games with your survival experience. You are one of the mischievous and cute 3D sausage characters. However, you have to face adventurous races with evil characters. Each mini-game will take you into a different challenge that you must face and survive to the end. How many challenges can you overcome? Become a true sausage master!

How To Play

  • Let's start with the first challenge! Transform into one of the cute, colorful sausage characters and start any challenge. Upon starting the game, you will be thrust into a sequence of randomly generated 3D mini-games incorporating both combat and racing. Events such as time trials, obstacle courses, and hot dog fights are just a few examples. The objective is to survive for 30 minutes with your "sausages" by surviving the obstacles of each minigame by avoiding hazards, beating enemies, and finishing objectives. Sprint as fast as you can, but watch out for attackers hiding in the shadows, hazards that could kill your sausage, and whirling blades. You risk losing your sausage if you get hurt, stuck, stabbed, exploded, or burned while you're trying to get it to the end.
  • In order to score points and get rewards, you need to finish each mini-game as fast as possible. As you progress through the game and complete mini-games and tasks, you'll gain experience and unlock rewards like various "sausage" personalization options. Your "sausage" character can be customized with a variety of styles and appearances. In order to keep your character alive, you must go on exciting adventures while being nimble and mobile like a pro.


Mouse-click or tap to play

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