Eco Connect

Eco Connect

Help the character discover mysterious coin chests at the end of each level in Eco Connect. Guide the character to move and create blocks that form the path correctly. Help him collect as many coins as possible. Each level offers a different, complex challenge. Have fun!

How To Play

With colorful pixel graphics and enjoyable music, it keeps players entertained for hours. Our character is on his way to discover hidden coin chests in the most difficult-to-reach places. The road to get there is not simple, and no one has taken it yet. Think logically, and create your own path. Use newly created blocks to build ladders that will get you closer to your goal. Just right-click to create and drag consecutive blocks. However, your coins are limited; use them to exchange blocks optimally. Use the block number sparingly and with the least amount of money. The left corner of the screen allows you to monitor the coins you receive. Complete each level successfully and collect coins to unlock the coin chest. How many levels can you complete?


  • Use A and D to move.
  • Use W to jump.
  • Mouse-click: Place a new block.

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