Dino Run

Dino Run

Immerse yourself in the world of pixel graphics and explore the prehistoric era in Dino Run. Inspired by the popular dinosaur running game, this version boasts numerous enhancements to enhance its drama and thrill. You will be transported back to prehistoric times, with impending doom. Control the dinosaur's ability to run and jump to overcome all of the dangers that are about to strike. Good luck!

How To Play

In this fast-paced platformer game, players must react quickly to each trap-filled, dangerous path of the coming extinction. Volcanoes are constantly on the verge of erupting due to landslides, meteorites, and falling debris. To reach the finish line safely, make sure the dinosaurs always move forward at the fastest speed. If you delay, you won't know what happens later. Run and jump over other creatures, move from hill to hill, leap over holes and so on. Don't forget to collect eggs along the way, which will help you increase your special powers.

Feel the pixel graphics and vibrant sounds of the landslide disaster. It brings a heart-stopping and exciting chase. Will you be quick and confident enough to help the dinosaurs survive the inevitable doom?


Left/right arrow = move; up arrow = jump; down arrow key = duck; shift = dash.

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