Drunken Spin Punch

Drunken Spin Punch

Drunken Spin Punch invites you to participate in a duel between two drunken stickmen. Throw crazy punches at your opponents in the boxing ring. However, the unsteady steps and the alcohol make it impossible for you to stand still. Plan your attacks wisely. Become a champion fighter in this fierce match.

How To Play

Get this match started with some solid strategy and powerful fists. These inebriated stick figures are a real pain to control because they can hardly stand still. Punching an opponent will be more of a challenge than normal due to the vertiginous movements. On the other hand, these stick figures possess punches that spin endlessly. You should therefore move with caution and rarely throw punches. Use the energy gauge in the upper left to keep track of your health and launch strategic attacks. The winner of this inebriated game is the first player to accumulate five stars through victories in matches. Prepare your inebriated punches and do your best to stay focused in the match so you can win!


  • Vibrant 3D visuals
  • Countless levels
  • Easy-to-understand controls
  • Radiant player


  • Player 1: "ARROW KEYS"
  • Player 2: "W,A,S,D"

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