Devil Dash

Devil Dash

Devil Dash invites you to explore a mysterious cave map of the devil. Embark on a mysterious adventure in which you will test your skills by jumping to the limit. Each level will require you to explore a cave with intricate designs and various dangerous obstacles. Navigate the block past all the dangerous traps, and discover the secret at the end of the map. Have fun!

How To Play

Your task is to guide the character to jump over dangerous obstacles and move to the exit door at the end of each level. Along the way, unexpectedly deep holes will appear. Jump quickly and accurately to avoid falling into the hole. The further you go to the next level, the complexity and difficulty will increase. With more obstacles, such as spikes, the platform will run faster towards the exit door. What makes the game more difficult is the rapid pace and unexpected holes. This necessitates that players react lightning-fast to unexpected and fast situations. However, don't worry; take plenty of time to practice to master and unlock all new levels. Be the ultimate winner and uncover the mystery at the end of the map.

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