Steveman Lava World

Steveman Lava World

Explore the dangerous but extremely interesting world of lava in Steveman Lava World. To collect red eggs, guide the character through the mysterious lava world. Avoid a variety of dangerous obstacles along the way. Train your control skills and quick reflexes!

How To Play

In this game, get ready to explore the vivid world of lava. Your task is to control the guy deep into the lava world to collect red hits. But it's not easy; the path is full of dangerous obstacles: spikes, traps, monsters, etc. lurk everywhere. Jump over spikes and dangerous obstacles, then defeat monsters by jumping on them. Don't forget to collect coins along the way! Always be alert and careful with every step you take. Any mistake will cause you to lose your life and have to start your journey again.


WASD or Mobile Touch

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