Burning Down

Burning Down

As you become a real firefighter in Burning Down, get to work tackling fires. You will have to perform firefighting missions in the city. Practice your skills and handle situations fluently; each environmental situation, terrain, and story is different. Show your skills as a competent firefighter, extinguish fires, and rescue victims. Can you complete the difficult missions in the game?

How To Play

If you are ready to become a firefighter, start the game now. It is your duty to perform firefighting missions in the city. Each situation has a different story, environment, characters, and context. To extinguish fires, spray sprinklers directly on them. Use the ax to knock out doors and objects that are blocking you. Extinguish towering fires to rescue children, elderly people, and pets trapped in burning buildings. Pay attention to the time and act decisively to quickly extinguish the fire. The fire will increasingly flare up, spread, and be difficult to control. It will also become a big explosion if you do not extinguish it in time. For each successful firefighting mission, you will receive respect and gratitude from everyone in the city. Prove you are a capable firefighter!


  • AD - Movement
  • W - Jump
  • Click to shoot water, which is effective against large fires.
  • For use on tiny flames or scorched walls, right-clicking and sprinkles of water will do the trick.
  • Using fire foam (which inhibits the re-ignition of a zone) requires SHIFT and a click.
  • The F-Axe (demolish electrical boxes, doors, windows, etc.)
  • Electrification (for usage with electric boxes, people-hauling, etc.)
  • To view the map while pausing and come up with a strategy, use the TAB-Map mode.
  • To perform a water leap (jump much farther), press down while in the air. 

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