Bullet - Superhero

Bullet - Superhero

Bullet - Superhero allows you to become a superhero and show off your ultimate shooting skills. Aim your sights at your opponents and destroy them all. One thing that makes the game difficult is that the hero's hands are constantly moving, and you need to determine the exact shooting point and hold it before deciding to shoot. Each level will have a different difficulty design. Show off your shooting skills by completing all the difficult levels.


How To Play

Test your shooting skills in Bullet: Superhero. Help the hero destroy all the bad guys hiding everywhere with his gun. Aim the bullet's path precisely; enemy vehicles hide in hidden spots and cannot shoot directly. Determine the path of the bullets so that they bounce back and hit the target. One point to note is that the hero's hand will constantly move and not stand still. Hold the screen to determine your correct path before releasing and shooting. Please note that you will have a certain number of bullets; use them with caution. Players will improve their shooting skills and patience as they progress through these challenging levels. Have fun!

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