Minescraft Steve Adventures

Minescraft Steve Adventures

Minecraft Steve Adventures invites you on an adventure through mysterious mazes. Help Steve explore all the tunnels and kill monsters with his sniper gun. Step through tunnels filled with zombies and monsters everywhere. You need to observe and be careful with your steps. Don't let the monsters destroy you first. How far can you go?

How To Play

Prove your skills by overcoming all the dangerous mazes. You are an adventurous person and love to explore, overcome all obstacles, and stay safe above all. The tunnels have many dangerous traps and obstacles, such as zombies and monsters everywhere; they can destroy you whenever you get close. Use your sniper gun to destroy them. Complete 20 difficult levels by reaching the finish line safely. Invite your friends and explore with five different friends on this mysterious journey. Good luck!


WASD + Mobile Control Touch

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