Buddy Hill Race

Buddy Hill Race

Embark on a journey to explore the beautiful hills in Buddy Hill Race. Drive the car on a hilly road with lots of gravel and trees. Keep your speed steady to prevent any obstacles or overturning. One thing that makes the game more difficult is that you have to use gas properly to avoid running out before reaching the next gas tank collection point. How far can you go?

How To Play

Your task in this game is to control the truck on undulating hills. One thing worth noting is that you must have good control over speed and fuel tank management. On the fuel bar, observe the remaining fuel level; avoid running out of gas on the road. To do this, turn the throttle on when encountering rocks and release the brakes when going downhill. Your secret must be to take advantage of the terrain of the flexible route to save the most fuel. You can go slowly, and the ultimate goal is to reach the next fuel tank collection point before running out of materials. Each section of the road will bring different experiences. The further you go, the more difficult the game appears, with slopes and obstacles. Are you confident about your driving ability?

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