Hill Climb Race Egg

Hill Climb Race Egg

Hill Climb Race Egg challenges your driving skills while carrying an egg on the roof of the car. Embark on an adventure through the beautiful mountains with an egg on the car's roof. Drive the egg truck as far as possible. Be patient, and control your speed well! Don't drop the egg!

How To Play

If you are ready for this beautiful, hilly adventure, press the start button now. Your task is to control a car carrying an egg on a rolling, hilly road. The factor that makes the game more difficult is the uneven mountainous terrain, with many sharp uphill and downhill sections. Before each new slope, please control the accelerator and brake well. Do not drop the egg; otherwise, the game will be over. Remember to collect the coins scattered along the way. Use it to unlock new vehicles in the store. In addition, you can utilize various features, like magnets to draw coins from a distance and frozen blocks to freeze both the car and the egg. It's advisable to use the fastest acceleration possible to prevent the egg from falling. However, these features only last for a certain number of seconds; please maintain a safe speed when returning to normal status. How far can you go? Please share your record distance!

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