Bowmastery zombies

Bowmastery zombies

Bowmastery zombies brings a difficult mission: destroy the evil zombies that are raging everywhere. Explore the colorful pixel world, trying to use your bow and arrow to destroy all the evil zombies that are approaching. The game requires a wise archery strategy, since you only have a maximum of three arrows per level. Use your weapons skillfully and accurately. How many levels can you complete?

How To Play

Prove your archery skills by completing the mission to destroy zombies in each level. With your only weapon equipped now—a bow and three arrows. Aim your sights and estimate the arrow's path accurately. Especially in situations where zombies hide behind walls or obstacles, you cannot shoot them directly. Estimate the path of the arrows and their flight to aim at the zombies. Control the bow with the mouse to aim the bow and adjust the shot force. From the second level, the game will be more difficult with hidden zombies, requiring you to move your sights away from the surface to be able to fly back and fly straight into the zombies. Don't rush! Aim the bow and arrow carefully!


  • Art Style: Pixi: For those who love old-school video games.
  • An exciting gaming experience can be had with the classic zombie enemy.
  • There is a puzzle element to this action game because of the barriers.
  • Controls that are easy to understand: This game is perfect for players of all abilities because of its simple principles.

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