Zombie Fall Simulator

Zombie Fall Simulator

Get ready for an exciting and dangerous challenge in Zombie Fall Simulator. The game takes you into an abandoned construction zone with abandoned high-rise buildings, where there are green zombies. Your task is to control zombies so they can freely fall from the roof of a high-rise building to the ground. Try to deal as much damage to the zombie's body as possible by causing as many collisions with surrounding objects as possible. The more damage you do, the higher your score!

How To Play

Are you ready for this crazy challenge? If you're ready, press the Start button on the screen. You are in an abandoned construction zone with unfinished high-rise buildings and sprawling construction tower cranes. On the roof of a high-rise building, a blue zombie is roaming around. Use your mouse or touch the screen to control them to fall freely to the ground, trying to cause as much damage as possible. To do that while the zombies fall, control them left or right to collide with the edge of the building or any object to create the strongest impact. The more damage you do, the more points you score. Try to deal damage to all parts of the zombie. Can you do that?

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