Fall Red Stickman

Fall Red Stickman

In Fall Red Stickman, wreck havoc on a stick figure's skeleton! To get as much falling damage as you can, send the stickman sprinting and time the jump perfectly. Gain enough points to open up new stages and count how many cracks you can give Red Stickman!

How To Play

Calculate the damage by setting the situation and causing the stickman to fall. You can watch as your character moves quickly over the platform, and you can increase your score by pressing the button just before he collapses. Evaluate the hits, tally the fractures, and try to get a higher score. In the game shop, you may use your score points to unlock new playgrounds and exclusive boosters. Before launching the game, click the left star to view the available boosters. You can use the benefits of these boosters at mid-level to generate momentum and raise your overall score. Enjoy!


  • Vibrant 2D images
  • A humorous game theme
  • Simple to perform
  • Purchaseable stages and boosters

Check out Stickman Ragdoll, a game with a similar idea, if you enjoy this funny challenge.

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