Blockminer Run Two Player

Blockminer Run Two Player

In Blockminer Run Two Player, you must escape the enormous monster. Embark on an absurd pixel-world journey with your pals. You need to work together to escape from the enormous monster lurking behind you. Would you say it's within your capability?

How To Play

Get ready for an exciting adventure with a series of platforms appearing one after another. Control the character's ability to run away from the crazy monster. However, be mindful that numerous challenges await you along the route. Watch out for obstacles that your boat can't navigate, such as rocks, small hills, or surfaces. You must proceed with caution because even a single slip-up can have serious consequences. Make sure to always jump high enough to prevent falling when faced with obstacles. With your character's built-in acceleration, you can jump using the up arrow key, while your companion can do the same with the W key! Have you any chance of evading this enormous beast?


  • Delightful two-dimensional images
  • Natural talent
  • Several tiers
  • It's relaxing and hard to put down


Press "W" to jump! & Press "Up Arrow" to jump!

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