Biking Extreme 3D

Biking Extreme 3D

Participate in bicycle races on rugged mountainous terrain in Biking Extreme 3D. Control the bike to avoid obstacles such as pine trees or rocks. Try to keep your balance and follow the arrow directions forward. Be the first to reach the finish line to gain the most bonuses. Upgrade your powers, skills, and bikes! Have fun!

How To Play

It's time to show off your bike racing skills. This time, you will participate in a bicycle race on a hill full of pine trees and dangerous cliffs. Control the car according to the red instructions, helping you reach the finish line the fastest. Try to keep your balance and avoid pine trees and rocky outcrops. Remember to follow the red arrow instructions above; it will help you stay on the right path and get to the finish line faster. Avoid scurrying and losing your way. You can also easily collide with other players in this game, sending them skyward. Become the winner who reaches the finish line the fastest. Get bonuses and use them to exchange power, controls, and upgrades for new bikes.


Mouse-click or tap to play

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