Big Champ

Big Champ

Big Champ delivers a thrilling contest featuring the 404-pound World Heavyweight Champion. Help him use his weight advantage and big belly to push opponents away from their attacks. This is an extremely interesting and unique match that challenges quick reactions and a good playing strategy. Opponents and their weapons will constantly attack you. Win the fight to defend your title.


How To Play

Get ready for challenging podium competitions against other strong competitors. In this game, your mission is to help your 404-pound world heavyweight champion fight against other powerful fighters. They will constantly rush in with objects or weapons to attack you. Use your large body and big elastic belly to push your opponents away. Quickly push them away before they punch you. Each time they attack, you will lose a heart. Pay attention to monitor your life through the remaining red hearts in the left corner of the screen. Don't let them give you fatal blows, or you will lose. Have fun!

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