Zombie Mission Survivor

Zombie Mission Survivor

Embark on a mission to destroy the zombies that are ravaging your planet in Zombie Mission Survivor. Equip yourself with state-of-the-art weapons, starting with a sniper gun. Watch from all sides; zombies are attacking you in waves all around. React quickly and destroy them all. Upgrade combat weapons!

How To Play

It's time this planet needed a hero like you. Choose single-player or two-player game modes. Choose your weapon, starting with your deadly gun. Aim to shoot all of the zombies attacking from all sides. Don't forget to collect gold from killing zombies; you can use it to upgrade your weapons and strengthen your defense. Invite your friends to play together in two-player mode to attack and protect the beautiful planet from the onslaught of terrible zombies.


  • Player 1: Move: W, A, S, and D. Upgrade: Z, X, C
  • Player 2: Move: ARROW KEYS Upgrades: B, N, M

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