Winter Racing 2D

Winter Racing 2D

Winter Racing 2D invites you to participate in exciting winter racing. Immerse yourself in the festive winter Christmas atmosphere covered with white snow and pine trees. Try to reach the finish line first in each challenging level. Control your speed on rolling, rocky roads with many steep slopes. Not as easy as you think! How far can you go?

How To Play

It's time to show off your driving skills in challenging races. Participate in exhilarating car racing at challenging levels. In each level, the player must control the car on a different, complicated road design. The rocky road has many steep sections and obstacles. Control your speed well on each unexpected up-and-down ramp. Keep the car from hitting you, or else the game will end. Try to reach the finish line the fastest, but be careful with each step you take. To become the best racer, finish first at each level.


WASD or arrow to control the car.

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