Wheelie Biker

Wheelie Biker

Wheelie Biker is an entertaining bike stunt game in which the player must maintain a wheelie for as long as possible in order to accumulate cash. If you get on your bike and start peddling, you'll soon be doing a wheelie, in which you ride just on your rear wheel. If you stumble and lose your progress, you'll have to start the stage over.

How To Play

Once the wheelie bar is full, you must cross the finish line to win the stage, so be sure to ease off the pedals before you lose your balance. If you want to unlock all of the fantastic bikes, you'll need to earn a lot of money. As you go through the game's 50 stages, you'll unlock new bikes. The goal is to pop a wheel for 10 seconds, gain access to all motorcycles, and complete all stages. Get a load of this!


Touchscreen/Mouse Controls


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