Truck Loader

Truck Loader

Truck Loader allows you to become a freight driver. This physics-based game necessitates patience, reasoning, and control skills. Load goods onto trucks with your forklift. To collect the boxes, use the magnet's magnetic arm or drive around. Complete transport missions in levels!

How To Play

Have you ever thought of becoming a freight carrier? In this game, your task is to control a forklift to bring boxes of goods from the warehouse to the truck. Use the magnetic hand to grab or push crates of goods to transport them to the truck. Place them in the correct position and complete the level. The higher the level of design, the more complex it becomes, requiring a clever and skillful way to transport goods. With gates blocked by gates. To activate them, you need to press a button with the wheel or place boxes on them to pass through. With classic graphics, puzzle gameplay, and physical movements, the game becomes more challenging and interesting. How many levels can you complete?


  • Move left/right - A/D
  • Jump - W
  • Pick up box - Point and click

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