Temple Battle Lightsaber

Temple Battle Lightsaber

Temple Battle Lightsaber invites you into a battle against your opponents and many fun challenges. Fight with opponents and become the winner in the mysterious temple. However, pay attention to the many dangerous things lurking around, like rising lava pools and TNT falling from above. You can lose your life at any time if you are careless. Be a winner by surviving to the end.


How To Play

Are you ready for this tough fight? What you need is to move flexibly and have quick reflexes. Jump on the platforms and steps to avoid falling into the lava pool. Destroy your opponents as quickly as possible because the lava pool is rising and can hurt you, so touch them. Besides, avoid all TNT falling from above, which will take your life. Make precise jumps on the steps and destroy your opponents to become the winner. Invite your friends to play and challenge them.


  • The red player moves using the WASD keys.
  • The blue player moves using the arrow keys.
  • The one who reaches 10 kills wins.

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