Super Race 3D

Super Race 3D

Super Race 3D is a racing game in which the drivers are ragdoll men. Play against other players on fantastic maps filled with unique challenges. Running to the finish line through the escalator and road requires crowd management. Avoid traps by holding the tap to move and releasing it to halt; if your character touches an obstacle, he or she will be knocked over.


How To Play

You play the role of a "super runner" in Super Race 3D, attempting to outlast and outclass your rivals. To become the new champion, you must dodge danger, stay alive, and finish the race first. Your advantage comes from your incredible speed. More points and fewer deaths are awarded for faster dashes. In order to minimize casualties, it is important to strategically move the crowd past potentially hazardous places and out of the way of passing traffic and moving vehicles. If you can't get around that obstacle, you're going to die, so you better move quickly. Challenge yourself in this game right now and see if you have what it takes to win.

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