Stick Duel: Revenge

Stick Duel: Revenge

Stick Duel: Revenge challenges you to participate in a fierce battle between two stickmen. Show off your trained superhuman strength and abilities. Throw punches and kicks accurately at weak points to defeat your opponent. Extremely dangerous and strong opponents. Be careful! Become the winner and the strongest!


How To Play

In this game, you will unlock new advanced weapons and Stickman's flying boots. Take on the computer or your friends in over 50 unique levels! Use the weapons and special abilities of the player character that must be used to defeat other stickmen. A person wins if their opponent receives the fewest hits. Because each chapter is unique, the battles in each chapter are also different. You must make your way through a hostile environment filled with traps, armed enemies, and multiple platforms and weapons while constantly jumping from side to side. Never go near the trap or the lake of fire. You can play solo or with a friend. The game continues until one team scores five points. As you strive to prove that no one can withstand your power, experience the excitement of a legendary confrontation unlike any other.

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