Snowball Dash

Snowball Dash

Snowball Dash tests your reflexes to the limit! How far will you be able to guide the snowball in the narrow ravine filled with dangerous obstacles? The challenge increases the further you go. Set your own new record and share it with your friends!

How To Play

Immerse yourself in the winter atmosphere, with the road covered in white snow. Have you ever played snowball-making? With the initially small snowball, control its roll on the road and make it bigger and bigger. Control the ball left or right in the narrow ravine, avoiding spiky hazards scattered on the road. The game is fast-paced, and you have to react quickly to avoid colliding with ravines or obstacles, which makes it more difficult. Otherwise, the game will end. Besides, the size will get bigger and bigger the farther you go, while the obstacles become more and more numerous. You must have flexible and sharp controls to navigate through a narrow ravine. Don't worry! Spend a lot of time practicing to become proficient and go further. Have fun!


  • Use the left arrow key to move the ball left
  • Use the right arrow key to move the ball right

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