Sniper Trigger Revenge

Sniper Trigger Revenge

Defeat your enemies in Sniper Trigger Revenge, an action game with pinpoint accuracy! In order to avoid running out of ammunition, eliminate all enemies. Save the innocent bystanders from harm; otherwise, the game will end. Tap stars to gather coins, which may be redeemed for weapon upgrades. Can you spare no one and destroy all targets at once? Hone your skills to become the world's top sharpshooter!


How To Play

Assume the role of a small stickman and assist him in eliminating the city's fugitives from prison who have refused to return to the ground. A high level of hand-eye coordination is required for the successful elimination of all adversaries. Completing all fifteen levels is your goal. You have to smash wooden boxes sometimes in order to shoot the target. Additionally, you can gather stars by shooting at them, and you can finish each level with three stars. Accumulating coins at the completion of each level grants access to new weaponry. The weapon inventory is visible in the top left corner of the screen. Make it a point not to injure the captives. Savor it!


  • Lovely two-dimensional graphics
  • A multitude of levels await.
  • Novel weapon sets to discover
  • Play this game for hours and get hooked


Use mouse or touch to play.

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