Ski Jump Challenge

Ski Jump Challenge

In Ski Jump Challenge, you will get the chance to demonstrate your impeccable skiing abilities. You don't give yourself a chance to fall because you're a driven and accomplished skier. Demonstrate your skiing prowess by completing demanding courses while executing breathtaking leaps. Accumulate a lustrous gold medal as you prove to be the top skier!


How To Play

There are a lot of opportunities and challenges in this game, thanks to the various game types. Perform three jumps to become the winner in Career Mode by going the furthest. You and your pals may take on the world in Rivals Mode! Playing in this mode on a computer with two to eight players lets you take turns directing your character. Achieving level 15 in Career Mode grants access to Teams, the game's pinnacle mode! To control your character's descent down the ramp, click on the screen. At the very end, you can make them leap by clicking on the screen. To change your character's position when they're flying, press and hold the screen while you move the pointer. With the money you make, you can alter your character's appearance. Acquire the skill to leap with precision and land with ease. There are around 90 distinct hills for you to bounce on!


  • Engaging two-dimensional visuals
  • Ability to personalize your character, three playable game modes, and a multiplayer mode
  • Simple to use
  • Striking match
  • A reward system that works every day

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