Running Pumpkin

Running Pumpkin

Running Pumpkin is a fun arcade game set around Halloween in which you play as a skeleton trying to escape from a witch. The witch's experiment requires the use of a human skeleton, which she must add to her cauldron. Don't stop; run as fast as you can.

How To Play

Assist this pumpkin on its quest to slay the bad guys by guiding it as it runs between platforms. Using the platformer gameplay, escape while gathering pumpkins. The longer you can keep running without catching the witch, the better. Collecting more pumpkins will enhance your score, so make use of the ledges you can leap across. You should try to beat your previous high score every time you play. Pick up candy corn and use it as a weapon against your foes. Cut through the air and make it over tall obstacles. To what distance are you capable of sprinting?

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