Ragdoll Physics

Ragdoll Physics

Ragdoll Physics invites you to an incredibly relaxing entertainment experience. You don't have a specific mission, just relax for hours with this fun ragdoll. Help the girl spin around and polish the balls. Free fall and control of her limbs, causing the girl's body to move through a series of balls on the platform. Let your mind relax and be entertained for hours with this game.

How To Play

If you are looking for a relaxing entertainment game after a tiring day, this is definitely a good idea. You don't need to use too many brains and complicated keys. Free your mind; just use the mouse or touch the touch screen. Control the hands and feet, making the girl's body fall on the balls on the platform. The girl will fall freely; all you have to do is control the girl on the balls to see what happens. Don't get stuck. How far can you take the girl?

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