Racing Jump

Racing Jump

Get ready for wild and wacky jumping races in Racing Jump. Control your character's ability to jump forward. Avoid bullets that push you backwards and bombs that kill you. Try to be the fastest to reach the finish line ahead of other players. Will you become the winner?

How To Play

It's time to show off your dancing skills! You and other players are participating in an obstacle-jumping competition. Your task is to control the character's ability to jump forward and reach the finish line first. However, physics makes the game more difficult. In addition, the character's feet are like a toppler, causing the jumping movement to tilt, making it unsteady. Try to keep your balance and move forward, avoiding obstacles along the way, such as bullets and bombs. Don't forget to collect coins scattered on the road. At each level, you will compete on a variety of terrain, including the ground and ropes. The game becomes increasingly complex and demanding. Feel the fun graphics and sounds of jumping movements that keep you laughing throughout the game!

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