Push My Chair

Push My Chair

Unleash your imagination with the uniquely entertaining game Push My Chair. Turn your boring office into an interesting, crazy, and chaotic place when participating in this game. Control the character controlling the wheeled fire extinguisher, pushing others out of the building. It sounds crazy and weird. However, it will provide you with chaotic matches and refreshing laughter. Have fun!

How To Play

In this game, you will control many unique and quirky vehicles. Have you ever seen a vehicle that has a fire extinguisher, a toilet seat, or even new rocket boosters? That's right, your mission is to join the chaotic battle in the office of a high-rise building. If you are near glass doors, try to create collisions, pushing others out of the building. Become the last person standing in the building. However, be careful; don't let your opponent's attack with their guns. Customize your hero and unlock a plethora of new vehicles and weapons for battle. Be the last surviving employee after the lunch break!


  • Stunning visuals in 3D
  • Accessible content and personalization options
  • Exciting and captivating swift matches
  • Exciting game concept



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