Happy Rocking Chair

Happy Rocking Chair

Happy Rocking Chair invites you to take part in a humorous rocking chair challenge. Help the character perform flips and somersaults to reach the finish line safely. Avoid letting his head touch the ground. Keep your balance and perform breathtaking, heart-stopping acrobatics. How many levels can you complete?

How To Play

Start the difficult journey through roads full of difficult obstacles. Control the character's safe movement on a rocking chair to the finish line. Ensure that you execute each acrobatic jump with precision, and ensure that you land each one on the chair. Don't let his head touch the ground; otherwise, you will lose. The rocking chair makes it difficult to keep your balance, but you will get better at it with more practice. The higher the level, the more difficult and challenging the game will be, with uphill and high steps requiring more skills. How many levels can you conquer?


  • Left, Right – rotate
  • Left + Right – stop spinning on the ground

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