Police Real Chase Car Simulator

Police Real Chase Car Simulator

Help the police in Police Real Chase Car Simulator and save the city from auto thieves. You're a courageous cop who only wants to make things right in his community. Get in your automobile and head in the direction of the greatest need. Learning how to navigate the game world's regular traffic while completing tasks is essential. Enjoy!

How to play

When it comes to open-world games that focus on realistic car driving, the Police Real Chase Car Simulator is unrivalled. You may spot your patrol car anywhere you go in the city. A list of objectives will appear on the screen, and you can simply drive through them to get started. Before time runs out, you must complete objectives such as thwarting criminals and rescuing animals. Keep an eye on your fuel levels in between activities and use them efficiently. You can upgrade your performance by purchasing new vehicles with the cash you earn after completing missions.


There are realistic 3D graphics, sets of missions, the need for competent driving controls and unlockable vehicles.

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