Pixel Dash

Pixel Dash

Free your character from the dangerous forest in Pixel Dash. The character becomes lost in the forest and encounters numerous dangers due to the extremely impressive pixel graphics. Show him how to jump from one platform to another. In the forest, overcome all obstacles and wild animals. Any carelessness causes you to start over! How far can you go?

How To Play

Unfortunately, our character, embarking on a journey to discover life, finds himself lost in the mysterious forest. There are many hungry predators here; they will attack you when touched. You will have to start again from the beginning. Furthermore, there are countless other traps, such as sharp spikes, pits, saw blades, deep rivers, tall trees, and so on. Please guide the character to make precise jumps and overcome obstacles. Do not collide with any traps or animals; it will cause you to lose your life. Also, collect the acorns scattered on the road. In certain situations, the game necessitates survival skills and precise jumps. Good luck!

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