Pipol Smasher

Pipol Smasher

Pipol Smasher invites you to take on a crazy challenge with powerful collisions. Drive the car, accelerate, and make a powerful collision, crushing all obstacles on the way. If you are not confident in your driving talent, practice it more. Conquer the 30 difficult levels ahead to prove your ultimate car control ability.

How To Play

Are you ready for a crazy challenge unlike any other game? This is a driving simulation game and does not do it in real life at all. Your task is to get in the car, accelerate, and accelerate to make a powerful collision. Ready to crush all the obstacles on the road ahead. In the first levels, the design path is quite simple, which players can complete quickly. The higher the level, the more complicated the path and game design will be, requiring you to have a wise playing strategy. Obstacles will be designed to make your driving difficult. Try to successfully complete the missions at each level with fiery collisions. One point to note: the ending point does not cause the car to fall into the abyss. How many challenging levels can you complete?

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