Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush

Embark on the most breathtaking adventure ever in Cluster Rush. A fast-paced motion game that challenges your quick reflexes. Control jumping, sliding, left, and right to cling to trucks that are moving continuously at fast speed. Don't let anything unfortunate happen to your journey by being careless if you don't react promptly. Conquer 35 difficult and challenging levels to hone your reflex skills. Are you ready for this exciting race?


How To Play

The most amazing climbs and jumps are waiting for you in this thrilling rhythm-motion arcade game. While driving trucks through this thrilling adventure, players will encounter unusual roadways. Thrilling obstacle courses, dramatic moments, or the need to dodge deadly explosions can all strike at any moment. Sometimes, while playing Cluster Rush, various items like crates, bricks, etc. will pop up and have the potential to fall off the screen. Locate an adjacent wagon to leap to and proceed with the round without crashing into it. This game stands out from others in its category thanks to its unique feature—the ability to cling on and climb atop the carriage. When things go wrong, keep in mind that there isn't always a way to continue. Every player, regardless of their position relative to the finish line, must begin the race from the beginning. Can you picture the extremes of this adventure's drama and difficulty?


  • Press the spacebar: to jump up.
  • Hold the spacebar: to climb.
  • Use the LEFT arrow: to go left.
  • Use the RIGHT arrow: to go right.

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