Piggy Bank Demolish Run

Piggy Bank Demolish Run

Piggy Bank Demolish Run invites you to an adventure in a classic 3D pixel world. You will drive your car on the narrow road and collect all the coins to pass the checkpoints. Avoid all the obstacles on the way, like spikes, traps, millstones, etc. Don't collide with them, or you will lose. Unlock new skins and show off your ultimate car control abilities.

How To Play

In this game, your mission is to explore beautiful classic 3D pixel roads. Drive the car as far as possible. However, it is not as simple as regular driving games; you need to control the car to avoid many traps and obstacles on the road. The spike traps, the moving mill, the hammer—can they make things difficult for you? Overcome obstacles by controlling the vehicle skillfully and quickly. Don't forget to collect coins; they will help you unlock control walls. Choose the good wall with the least amount of coins. Additionally, you can unlock many new skins, with 21 skins in the store for you to explore. A tip to help you go further is to practice patiently and control the control keys flexibly and quickly. Challenge your friends to see who can conquer the furthest distance!


Touch and drag = move

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