Parkour with Compote

Parkour with Compote

Parkour with Compote tests your jumping skills over obstacles. Explore the world with colorful and moving Mincraft blocks. Guide him to jump over moving blocks, avoiding falling into space. Reach the finish line safely and complete 10 levels of the game. The game requires your ability to accurately calculate each jump and your agility while overcoming obstacles. How far can you go?


How To Play

Are you ready for the adventure of exploring a world of colorful blocks? Let's start this journey now. Your task is to calculate the correct jumps on the blocks. Be careful with the moving blocks; align the moving block close to you and start making precise jumps. Be sure of your every jump; avoid falling into space; you will lose. Jump over obstacles to reach your destination safely. Completing 10 difficult levels with complex terrain requires more skills. Practicing for many hours will help you become more proficient. Train your dexterity in each step and learn how to control the keys quickly. Can you complete these 10 difficult levels?


  • For PC - W-jump, A-left, D-right or Arrows.
  • For Phones - Press the buttons that are on the screen.

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