Parkour Block 6

Parkour Block 6

Parkour Block 6 tests parkour skills with more difficult challenges. Make bold and precise jumps on each platform, overcoming obstacles with agility. Push your limits and enjoy an exhilarating parkour adventure!

How To Play

Show off your parkour skills honed through previous versions. Conquer more difficult challenges, with more skill requirements for each jump. Calculate accurately for each of your jumps; don't let any carelessness happen. Otherwise, you will have to start again from the beginning. In this sixth edition, players will have the opportunity to show off their parkour skills to the limit, jumping from platform to platform without falling. Don't let any obstacles get in your way. Reach the safety gate at the end of the level. The game is a great place to test your quick reflexes and precise timing of each jump to help develop and improve your parkour skills to the limit. Conquer 70 new levels and prove your parkour skills every day!


WASD/Mouse/Touch Screen

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