Parking Fury 2

Parking Fury 2

Parking Fury 2 challenges your parking skills in many different situations. Drive according to the instructions and park in the correct location in the parking lot. Complete the challenge of creating off-road levels with a variety of vehicles and obstacles. How many levels can you complete?

How To Play

Players must carefully place a wide range of automobiles in their allotted parking spaces in this game. Park your vehicle with pinpoint accuracy as you race through winding lanes, dodging other cars and demonstrating your driving prowess. The vast variety of vehicles is a notable aspect of this game. Various vehicles, each with its own unique handling qualities, will be available for you to manage, ranging from stylish sports cars to robust trucks. Having to adapt your driving abilities to the unique characteristics of each car is a lot of fun and adds another level of difficulty to the action.


Arrows / WASD = driving

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