Mostly Only Up

Mostly Only Up

Mostly Only Up offers exciting parkour challenges; conquer the highest peaks in a simulated 3D world. Your character is in a 3-dimensional world, performing his mission. Overcome challenges and conquer the highest peaks in a strange world. How many challenges can you complete?

How To Play

Get ready for skill challenges in this simulator game. Your character is in a 3-dimensional world; help him take on challenges, walk on bridges and stairs, perform high jumps, etc.However, pay attention to the distance and arrange appropriate jumps. Don't let your character fall into space, or you will have to start over. The higher you go, the more skills are required, and the difficulty increases. Pay attention to the high jumps and conquer new heights. When you go up high, you will be able to explore a wonderful space. Are you ready to conquer this challenging peak?

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