Money Man 3D

Money Man 3D

Money Man 3D invites you to join the fast-paced challenge of collecting money and overcoming obstacles. Become a money-making character by collecting coins along the way. Be careful! Dangerous obstacles are everywhere on the road; they will injure you and break your body. Don't let it happen continuously; otherwise, you will lose. How far can you go?

How To Play

Get ready to become a character with a body formed from banknotes. Participate in fast-paced racing, collecting all the coins on the way while avoiding obstacles. The more coins you collect, the stronger your body becomes. However, pay attention to the many obstacles on the road: sharp blades and objects that are always moving on the road. Avoid them; don't hit any obstacles; it will break your money-made body. One thing to note is that the stacks of money on the road are located very close to dangerous obstacles; be very careful when collecting them. Keeping your body safe is essential. Complete the difficult levels, become a money ball, and double the amount.

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