Mineworld Horror

Mineworld Horror

Join us on one of the most terrifying journeys ever in Mineworld Horror. Put on your armour of survival and dive headfirst into one of the many thrilling game modes. Get out of this spooky home alive by defeating all the monsters inside it. Have some laughs while you avoid the enemy's ambush. Get a kick out of it!

How to play

You'll begin in a creepy mansion with no memory of how you got there and no idea how to get out alive. Don't freak out, but there will be monsters here that have sworn to kill you and take your head. Both an "escape" mode and a "shooter" mode are available in this game. The objective of the escape mode is to leave the mansion and flee from the monsters inside. There are three different levels of challenge in this playthrough. You have the ability to defend yourself in easy mode if you can locate the weapon. In shooter mode, you must eliminate the monsters first before they can track you down. You'll need lightning reflexes in this mode, as there is no chance to restart. To your success and enjoyment!


  • Cartoonishly 3D graphics
  • There are two gameplay modes and three levels of challenge in the escape mode.
  • Play that's both spooky and difficult


WASD = move, Mouse = aim/attack, F = interact

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