Do you feel up to the challenge of a MC8Bit game? To win, you must get Alex and Steve to the end of the MC race. Gather materials and construct a portal to safety. Jump on monsters to destroy them and clear the way. Enjoy!


How To Play

Control Alex and Steve as they explore a pixelated environment reminiscent of Minecraft. Despite its charming throwback aesthetic, the environment is rife with challenges at every turn. Get out of the house, but watch out for scary monsters in the woods. You can put away your pickaxe; you won't need it here. Put an end to the forest's horrors. Amass all of the obsidian pebbles you can. The portal won't materialize unless you gather all the obsidian stones. There is no way to reach the next area without the portal.


Use the WASD and Arrow keys to play.

If you like this game and want more challenges, you can try similar game Steve Hardcore. Have fun!

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