Madmen Racing

Madmen Racing

Join me on one of the craziest races you've ever seen in Madmen Racing. Try your best to set records for speed and pull off spectacular stunts in order to earn enough money to buy better vehicles. Get in the starting position and get ready to interact with a wide variety of people. Can you easily overcome all of them and progress through the different levels?

How to play

Control any of a wide variety of out-of-the-ordinary characters, including a grandpa in a wheelchair, a man driving a shopping cart like he's on drugs, and even a person riding in a trash can. The goal of each race is to get the most points by completing various challenges. You can test your skills through 18 unique levels, each with its own challenges and rewards. There are six customizable aspects of each racer, including speed, wheels, and more. Choose a protagonist and then a difficulty level. To control your vehicle, use the arrow keys, then press the X key to use your nitro boost. The nitro gauge is at the top of the screen. Do you have what it takes to overtake the competition and win each race?

Playing our driving games will prove to your teacher that you are worthy of a driving licence. Enjoy yourselves!

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